Since centuries India and UAE have had business relations. Business between India and UAE is growing and evolving and has grown over years to $60 million. India’s exports to the UAE also rose by 7%.

If your are planning to send cargo to India from Dubai, this page can help. You will get some important details on how to deal with the send international air and ocean freight shipping.

Want to send cargo service to India from Dubai ?

How Much Will it Cost to Send Cargo to India from Dubai?

Cargo Company will give you a quote for the cost of sending cargo to India from Dubai up on the following standards:

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Pricing of ocean or air freight doesn’t matter much when you are sending products which weigh less than 100kg. During such times, it is better to opt for air freight. If your items weigh more than 100 kg, sea freight will be better option

Relocating to India

It is a known fact that India is second largest populated country in the world, with diverse cultures and languages. So before relocating to India from Dubai make sure you are vaccinated against diseases, like dengue fever, relatively common disease in India.

India has humongous cultural and commercial history so it tempts many people around the globe relocate to India. As an expat relocating to India from Dubai can be hassle-free but, there are certain things that a foreigner relocating to India for employment should know. Even though the visa process and registration process are simple, it contains certain risks and challenges.